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Support Contract Clients

By: Robert Carter | Published on 11/19/14

Below is a tutorial for all new Support Contract Clients. More Information can be found in the linked PDF's.

Your First Maintenance:

1. Make sure computer is on and is connected to the internet
2. Make sure you are not logged in
3. If your computer seems to be possessed, don't worry it's just Carter Enterprises working on it.
For Detailed Instructions: Maintenance PDF

Outlook 2016 Search Not Working FIX

By: Robert Carter | Published on 6/12/17

Has your Microsoft Outlook 2016 Search Stopped working?

About a week ago on 6/5/17 Microsoft pushed out an update to Office 2016 that in some cases broke search in Outlook. After many hours of diagnostics and conversations with Microsoft we have developed a temporary solution that will restore search finicality until Microsoft releases an update to patch the original issue they caused. Linked below is a pdf with detailed instructions.

Microsoft Outlook 2016 Broken Search Fix 6/12/17

Basic Instructions:

  1. Make sure that Outlook is closed
  2. Open Search Indexing
  3. Then click on the Modify Button
  4. After the Indexed Locations window opens click on the Show all Locations button at the bottom of the screen
  5. Now you will need to uncheck all Microsoft Outlook entries in this window and click OK
  6. Back at the Indexing options windows click the advanced button
  7. In the Advanced Options window click on the Rebuild button under the Troubleshooting section and click the OK button and then click close on the Indexing Options window
  8. Now when you reopen Outlook and preform a search you will get an error but search will work. Search will be slow but will work.

Security Notice

By: Robert Carter | Published on 9/1/15

Recent Security Breaches That Could Affect You!

It has come to our attention that some of the tools that Carter Enterprises no longer uses have security gaps that may allow an attacker to have FULL control of your computer. The primary concern is TeamViewer which we have not been using for over 9 months at time of writing this. The primary reason we stopped using it was due to security concerns we had with the software that the vender would not address. For all clients on a support contract the software was removed around the same time we stopped using it. The issue is for clients that are not on a support contract; for these customers we do not have access to their machines and cannot remotely remove the software.

Recommended Action: Uninstall TeamViewer

Steps to Remove:
1. Go to your taskbar -> Right Click on The TeamViewer Icon and Exit it
2. Open The Control Panel -> Click on Programs and Features -> Find TeamViewer in the list and uninstall it
3. Restart your computer

It is recommended that you perform a full security scan of your computer after you have completed this. If you are unsure if you are able to complete this; we will be more than happy to offer a onetime half off rate for the removal of TeamViewer and scanning for and removing any spyware and/or Viruses.